Eskimo Joe Mateey!

Eskimoe Joe with Missy Higgins

Eskimoe Joe with Missy Higgins

 Touring this summer with a new album, Inshalla, EJ has released a new single and video, “Foreign Land” which was inspired by the death of actor Heath Ledger. Eskimo Joe have revealed that their new single ‘Foreign Land’ was inspired by the death of fellow Western Australian Heath Ledger.

Singer Kav Temperley, who was in New York at the time of Heath’s death, recently explained how Heath inspired the track: “That night we had to do this Australia gig, and when we got to it we found out that Heath Ledger had died. He’d died two blocks from where I was walking (earlier that day) and at the time I was walking and it started snowing. He was from Perth and we were in New York, this big foreign city, and I felt this immense loneliness of this kid from my hometown dying by himself there.”

Foreign Land

Aussie Rock and Roll band, Eskimo Joe, are set to recharge their Aussie fan base through a number of summer (their winter) gigs. The only question I have is, when you guys gonna come Stateside mates??? Check out the hot new single and video, “Foreign Land”.


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