Missy Higgins – Songwriter’s Battle

Missyand Band at the Crystall Ballroom Portland, Oregon 2009

Missyand Band at the Crystall Ballroom Portland, Oregon 2009

I’m not sure who the other songstress Missy was battling in this song, but I’d put my money on Missy. I have known Missy and her music since her early beginnings when she released her very first single “Scar” and played some local gigs in Sydney at the age of 19. She is a brilliant songwriter who has taken the Australian music scene by storm in the past five years and is now well positioned to attack US radio airways with her latest album “On A Clear Night” which she has been showcasing on her tour(s) here in America this year. “The Battle” apparently was an older song she has written but only recently released and was used recently on Grey’s Anatomy. I saw her last summer at a local music in store performance and was very fortunate to get to chat with her a bit beforehand. I related to her musical journey from Scar to On A Clear Night and told her how much her music has been a part of my life and how she has matured in her songwriting. I reckon that is probably the best compliment a songwriter could get hey? She definitely deserves the kudos. If you are not familiar yet with her music take the time to look over her many songs on youtube or her websites and check her out, you wont’ be disappointed.

missy concert
The Battle – Missy Higgins

The Battle, Bowery Ballroom, NYC

In Love Again (live)



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