Aussie Artist Alert!

I was just listening to one of my favorite Aussie artists at Rollo & Grady blog and discovered Jez Mead, an Aussie from Perth orginally now Byron Bay who has supported the likes of such bands as JBT (John Butler Trio) and the Waifs. Here’s a clip of him performing at the Metro in Sydney this year.

Sample MP3:


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Empire of the Sun Celebrate Eclipse

This was a special broadcast by EOTS highlighting the cosmic event that transpired on 7/21/09 in our galaxy where we on planet Earth experienced the longest eclipse of the sun of the century. It was visible across a narrow band of countries, including China, India, and parts of Australia and the Pacific Ocean.

I hope you had a cosmic night!

Empire Of The Sun-Standing On The Shore

Jet (touring the US)

JET, the Aussie rock band widely known for its album, Get Born, is doing some select shows here in the US and Europe to prime their fans for their upcoming album release of SHAKA ROCK, on August 26th. Here’s an acoustic set they performed this month in Denver.

a SPIN TV interview with the band

Jet-Shes A Genius

Shaka Rock track list:
K.I.A. (Killed in Action)
Beat on Repeat
She’s a Genius
Black Hearts (On Fire)
La Di Da
Goodbye Hollywood
Times Like This
Let Me Out
Start The Show
She Holds A Grudge

The Decemberists – Portland’s “Crazy On You”

The Decemberists brought it home last weekend here in Portland to a sell out crowd both nights on the grass at Edefields. The Fans, (Indy<-Huge Fan) could not have been more excited to see them. This is a clip from Sunday nights show as they do a stellar cover of Heart's "Crazy On You". Woohooo!!!!

this next one is off their new album and as you can see, Portlandiers are totally into it!

Opening song:


Andrew Bird-Anonanimal (Live)

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I saw Andrew for the first time performing with local favs The Decemberists and Blind Pilot last weekend in an outdoor concert and he was amazing as he is here in this beautiful two song set from Pitchfork’s Cemetery Gates setting. He’s got his own unique sound, and can he whistle OMG! Cool as…

Anonanimal (live at Edgefield, Oregon July 2009)

anonanimal mp3

Friendly Fires – Kiss of Life

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The Friendly Fires have a new video that is now my favoritie summertime jam. I saw them (see previous post here) a few months back and they are one of the most “danceable” bands out there. Check out this video if you doubt me.

Friendly Fires-Kiss Of Life (live)

Paris- Au Revoir Simone (ft Friendly Fires)

Deastro performs live on KEXP

l_fedfea0a8910d16da3b29625ab330551I really dig this artist’s creativity and imagination. From the first time I heard his work on the album, Keepers, I was on board with Deastro. He is one of my new favorite electronic artists. This, however, is the first time I’ve seen him performing in a live studio setting.

Kurgan Wave Number One


Pickup his free EP here

Nice review from my mate on Mog here


Jenny Owen Youngs on “Weeds”

jenny-owens-young I missed her in town gig at the Mississippi Studios ( had to work, shucks!) but love Jenny’s music and her onstage personality is quirky and fun.. I once saw her entire set on the Fabchannel before it was shut down and was very impressed. She’s on tour now.

Jenny Owen Youngs-Here is a heart
About the song:

From her bulletin board:

“Luck being a lady and all, the good people over at Weeds were kind enough to include “Here is a Heart,” a song from Transmitter Failure, in last night’s episode.

If you were watching and heard some lilting strings during an emotional scene, why, those were arranged by Mr. Dan Romer. In fact Dan, Bess Rogers and I all worked together to forge the song in the fires of our respective, and then collective brain(s)… That is to say, three-way co-write for the win, you guys.

Only the instrumental was used in the show last night, but I’ve added the song to my Myspace player so you can hear all the sonic