Sia, Some People Have Real Problems

Some_People_Have_Real_Problems_US_coverSia was just nominated for 2 separate ARIA’s (equivalent to the Grammy’s here in the States) for her album, Some People Have Real Problems. This is the third studio album by Australian singer Sia.

Track listing

1. “Little Black Sandals” (Dan Carey, Furler) – 4:14
2. “Lentil” – 4:27
3. “Day Too Soon” – 4:24
4. “You Have Been Loved” (Furler, C. Jones, Peter-John Vettese) – 4:23
5. “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” (Rob Allum, Furler, Phil Marten, Eddie Myer) – 2:40
6. “Academia” (Carey, Furler) – 3:16
7. “I Go to Sleep” (Ray Davies) – 3:47
8. “Playground” (Dixon, Felix Bloxsom, Furler) – 3:29
9. “Death by Chocolate” (Furler, Greg Kurstin) – 5:03
10. “Soon We’ll Be Found” (Furler, Rick Nowels) – 4:21
11. “Electric Bird” (Furler, Henry Binns) – 4:26
12. “Beautiful Calm Driving” – 5:02
13. “Lullaby” – 9:55 (including hidden track “Buttons”)

When you get the CD, you can download 4 bonus tracks: “Buttons”, “Blame It on the Radio”, “Cares at the Door” (B-side for UK release of “Day Too Soon”), and “Bring It to Me”.

Sia-Bring It To Me


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