(New) Pet Shop Boys Christmas EP

Yes, indeed, get your playlist s setup for another great indie Chrissy this year.  We highly recommend the Pet Shop Boys, who are set to release ‘Christmas’ on December 14th. The Pet Shop Boys, a British pop institution, are fresh off the heels of their latest album, “Yes”, and became recipients of the 2009 Brit award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. But, wait that’s not all, they have just been nominated, along with The Crystal Method, for a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album in the 2010 Grammy Awards. The ‘Christmas’ is a 5-song EP with 2 cover songs, one cover of the Motown classic ‘My Girl’ and another a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’.

Christmas EP Tracklist:
01. It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas
02. My Girl
03. All Over The World
04. Viva La Vida/Domino Dancing
05. My Girl (Our House Mix)

Pet Shop Boys – It Doesnt Often Snow At Christmas (New Version)

Pet Shop Boys – My Girl (Our House Mix)

Order now  for your chance to receive a signed copy or a free promo!


2 thoughts on “(New) Pet Shop Boys Christmas EP

  1. ‘My Girl’ is not the Motown song done by the Temptations but it is a cover of the UK hit written and performed by Madness. Great track

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