(Video) Jenny Owen Youngs “Last Person”

Jenny debuts “Last Person” – a video from her latest (May 2009) album, “Transmitter Failure” which was her 2nd album (debut – Batten The Hatches 2005/2007) You might remember her really fun and sexy Nelly cover song/video “Hot in Here” she published in 2007. Or perhaps her EP Led to Sea.  To our regret her live set recorded on Fab Channel (site now shut down) was taken offline.  One thing we discovered recently was her collaboration with Sybarite Xian Hawkins.

The duo formed a group called Bell Horses and recently has released their debut 8 song album, This Loves Last Time. The album can be streamed on their MySpace page.

And for even more tantalizing new deets, Jenny is supporting the fab Regina Spektor who we saw recently here at the Roseland with Jupiter One.  Here’s a video from her 30 minute opener :

Jenny has some free mp3’s on her Daytrotter Session from both albums here.

jenny owen youngs – last person

Bell Horses – Still Life


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