Jonathan Boulet Debut Album of the Week JJJ

Triple J radio Australia has deemed Jonathan Boulet’s debut album, Triple J Album of the Week, as such are playing it all week long throughout the holiday week. They recently have posted a video from the single “Community Service Announcement” and have blogged that they are working on another video from the album. Here’s a couple of songs off the album besides the ever popular “Community Service Announcement”.

The band’s recent popularity got them a record deal with Modular Records (Eskimo Joe, Ben Lee, The Avalanches, Wolfmother, Cut Copy, The Bumblebeez, Van She, Rocket Science, Ghostwood, The Presets and Tame Impala) and were invited to the big Modular Christmas Party in Melbourne)

Jonathan Boulet – North to South East to You

jonathan boulet – 321 ready or not

also, in case you missed the remix of Community Service Announcement by Album Leaf.  We have seen another Pivot Remix but its only available from iTunes in AU so unless you are there they won’t let you purchase it, typical iTunes crap!

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2 thoughts on “Jonathan Boulet Debut Album of the Week JJJ

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  2. I discovered the “community service announcement” today and I´m already in love! very good music!!
    Bonne chance dans ta journée!

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