Portland Yacht to Expand into A Full Band?


In 2008, YACHT expanded to a duo with the induction of Claire L. Evans as a full member, contributing vocals to many of the songs on the 2009 album See Mystery Lights. However, local sources have it that Jona, who is the founding member of the band, playing many years as a solo artist, is planning to expand Yacht into a full band in 2010. Michael Mannheimer, a writer for the Local Cut, a Portland Musical Journal, stated he had heard from a few different sources that the electro-pop lifestyle duo is set to expand its band with the addition of drummer Inside Voices drummer Jeffrey Brodsky (who records his own dance jams under the name Jeffrey Jerusalem). In response to an eamil Michael, who is long time friends with Claire, Jona replied “all will be revealed next week”. The official YACHT website includes a “2009 World Tour Report” that ends with this statement:

In the future, we will no longer be alone: when YACHT comes to your town, YACHT will not be a two-person commando of experience, but a larger system, a heavier and less predictable experiment in vibe control. Open the doors and prepare to participate.

Time will tell, as Jona indicated, we should be getting an update soon perhaps a big announcement next week of what will be of Yachts current band makeup. Stay tuned!



Yacht – Dont Fight The Darkness



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