The Walking Dead OST – Vol 1

We posted earlier about Fink’s “Warm Shadow” on the soundtrack for the AMC TV series The Walking Dead and we wanted to highlight another excellent track that has been used in two episodes, recently in last week’s episode “Prey” where in the end Andrea was shown with her mouth gagged and sitting “prey” to the Governor’s torture chair/chamber.

The track is Voxhaul Broadcast‘s “You Are The Wilderness” stream it above

The soundtrack is available now on Amazon


The Walking Dead (AMC’s Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1) track list:
1. Jamie N Commons – “Lead Me Home”
2. Bear McCreary – “Main Title Theme Song” (UNKLE Remix)
3. Voxhaul Broadcast – “You Are The Wilderness”
4. Baby Bee – “Love Bug”
5. Fink – “Warm Shadow” (Dactyl Remix)
6. Of Monsters And Men – “Sinking Man”
7. Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan (Beth & Maggie Greene)- “The Parting Glass”
8. Delta Spirit – “Running”


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