Ex Wolfmother Bandmates Unite with Good Heavens

Recently we read and shared Andrew Stockdale’s revamping of Wolfmother for the 2nd time around. But what happened to the original band mates? Well the rhythm section consisting of the awesome keyboardist Chris Ross and ex Wolfmother drummer Myles Heskett now forming a new three-piece with singer and guitarist Sarah Kelly, formerly of theredsunband from Sydney, Australia. The band unites three of the nation’s most talented rock artists and their divergent musical styles resulting in a synthesis of ethereal dream-pop with the brute force of acid rock. Watch their enchanted but ultimately haunted visuals for the track “You Lose” above and stream “It’s Not Easy Being Mean” both off their debut LP ‘Strange Dreams’ out now through Rice is Nice.


01. Know Your Own Heart
02. It’s Not Easy Being Mean
03. Strange Dreams
04. Are You Sick?
05. I Am Not Afraid
06. Anybody But You
07. Down On Me
08. I’ve Got This Feeling
09. You Lose
10. Know Your Own Heart (Reprise)

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