Tuung Share New Song & LP Deets

Tunng – Turbines (out 6/18 on Full Time Hobby)
01. Once
02. Trip Trap
03. By This
04. The Village
05. Bloodlines
06. Follow Follow
07. So Far From Here
08. Embers
09. Heavy Rock Warning

Tunng has recently finished recording and mixing their 5th studio LP. They recorded in multiple locations throughout 2012, from snowed-in sessions in rural Dorset, stranded with a stocked-up fridge, a keg of local ale and a cosy fully-firing acoustic studio at hand; then on to Olympic-tinged, vintage synthesizer heaven at Play Industries, Shoreditch along with multiple visits and tweeks at their new Cheek Mountain Studio in Reykjavik; a frosty riverside writing and rhythm session at The Dog House in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, and finally back to Iceland for a mix down at the super deluxe Greenhouse Studios. They will release turbines, their fifth studio album June 18th. Our first listen “So Far From Here.” can be streamed below:


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