Airborne Toxic Event – True Love (live)

LA’s alternate rock band, the Airborne Toxic Event, have just released their eagerly anticipated third album, ‘Such Hot Blood,’ and to celebrate, they have shared a special acoustic video for ‘True Love’ from their new LP above.

Having followed them from the beginning, FGTW has seen ATE in action on stage and off. To which we can attest they are known for this type of sonic grandiosity and this performance above is atypical of the band’s intimate but highly charged emotional appeal. If you like a band that can make you feel like your the only one in the audience but at the same time pump up the show and belt out stadium style anthems while scaling back to a ballad in the same song, then Airborne Toxic Event just might be the ticket you will cherish long after the show has ended.  The band will be crossing the country, promoting ‘Such Hot Blood’ with a tour that launched last month and wraps June 20 in Albany, N.Y.  Click here for the full itinerary


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