Mikal Cronin – Turn Away

We’ve been lovin the new Mikal Cronin LP, MCii, streaming now on 3Voor12

Recorded in late 2012 by Eric Bauer at Bauer Mansion in San Francisco (except for “Don’t Let Me Go” which was recorded by Cronin at home), MCII includes guest appearances by K. Dylan Edrich (viola and violin on “Weight,” “Peace of Mind,” “Change” and “Piano Mantra”), Charles Moothart (drums on “Change” and “Turn Away”), Ty Segall (guitar solos on “Am I Wrong” and “I’m Done Running from You”), and Petey Dammit (slide guitar on “Peace of Mind”).


1 . Weight
2 . Shout It Out
3 . Am I Wrong
4 . See It My Way
5 . Peace of Mind
6 . Change
7 . I’m Done Running from You
8 . Don’t Let Me Go
9 . Turn Away
10 . Piano Mantra


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