YES – Tormato [Full Remastered Album + Bonus Tracks ᴴᴰ]

In 2004, “Tormato” along with just about every other “Classic Yes” period album (sans “Yessongs, Yesterdays”) were digitally remastered. Today the remastered LP for Tormato, one of my favorite YES albums and the ninth studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes, was uploaded to Youtube.  Stream it above.

Tormato was released in September 1978 on Atlantic Records. It is the last studio album to feature singer Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman in the band’s line-up before Yes disbanded in 1981.

The album received a mixed response upon its release – the main subject of criticism for the album is the quality in production, which led to a compressed and dull sound.

In the expanded version,  there were 9 bonus tracks added.

Tormato tracklisting:

01 Future Times / Rejoice 0:00
02 Don’t Kill The Whale 6:47
03 Madrigal 10:45
04 Release, Release 13:12
05 Arriving UFO 19:01
06 Circus Of Heaven 25:10
07 Onward 29:42
08 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 33:47
Bonus Tracks
09 Abilene 41:39
10 Money 45:42
11 Picasso 48:57
12 Some Are Born 51:09
13 You Can Be Saved 56:52
14 High 1:01:12
15 Days (Demo) 1:05:42
16 Countryside 1:06:43
17 Everybody’s Song 1:09:55
18 Onward (Orchestral Version) 1:16:43

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