Sally Seltmann Reveals New LP Deets

A magnetic rainbow shines today as we reveal Sally Seltmann’s album title, cover art and track listing for her enchanting and refreshing new album, which will be released on February 28 through Caroline Label Services.

Hey Daydreamer is Sally’s fourth full-length album and the follow up to 2010’s Heart That’s Pounding. Sally and her husband Darren Seltmann recorded and produced the album together at home, in their attic studio space.

Sally Seltmann’s previous albums include Heart That’s Pounding, and two critically acclaimed albums as New Buffalo (The Last Beautiful Day, and Somewhere, anywhere). Sally is also a member of Seeker Lover Keeper and is well-known for having co-written Feist’s hit ‘1234’. Sally’s songs have been covered by several artists, including Bon Iver.

Sally Seltmann – Hey Daydreamer – Track Listing

1. Hey Daydreamer
2. Billy
3. The Small Hotel
4. Needle In The Hay
5. Dear Mr Heartless
6. I Will Not Wear Your Wedding Ring
7. Right Back Where I Started From
8. Catch Of The Day
9. Seed Of Doubt
10. Holly Drive
11. States And Spaces


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