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As the epic TV Series on AMC, The Walking Dead, comes to a season finale, they have been picking up their music game again.  Last week’s episode 15 was a perfect example of picking the perfect song to highlight the group’s entrance to Terminus, the city of sanctuary where everyone “SURVIVES” but has yet to be revealed if it is in fact a place of refuge as has been advertised? 86% of the audience on the “Talking Dead” voted it to be “worst than Woodbury” which if you have been following the show was a facade of a supposedly utopian society led by the one very creepy Governor who is now no longer alive in the show but who had been revealed to be a man with many hidden ghosts making him a psychopathic leader/killer who led the city that was formed in the post apocalyptic world where those who survive are outnumbered by those that are dead, or the Walking Dead. Check out the song by Bill Fay from last week’s episode below…stay tuned for this week’s Season 4 Finale…..

also checkout “Blackbird Song” and “Up the Wolves” featured in S4 of The Walking Dead

and of course the special version in S04E04 of Sharon Van Etten’s “Serpents


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