The Afghan Whigs Live @ Coachella 2014 (Full Set)

Another band we have been closely following and have been listening to their new LP, The Afghan Whigs, also brought it to Coachella on their live afternoon set. Check out the entire set covered above. They are following up on their new LP “Do The Beast” with a massive tour. Their first new LP in over a decade but very solid addition to their discography.

Setlist: The Afghan Whigs at Coachella, Day 1

1. “Parked Outside”
2. “Matamoros”
3. “Fountain and Fairfax”
4. “Going to Town”
5. “Algiers”
6. “The Lottery”
7. “Heaven On Their Minds”/”Somethin’ Hot”
8. “It Kills”
9. “Royal Cream”
10. “Miles Iz Ded”

The Afghan Whigs – Can Rova (from Do The Beast LP 2014)


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