The Who Quadrophenia Live in London


I would be remiss not to highlight one of my first band loves and passionate following for The Who. They were the first live show I attended in my youth and were the first concert outdoor festival. Well  it was more like an event .. like Woodstock was an event.  It was The Who’s return back in 1976. We spent the night before the event sleeping and partying in the parking lot of the stadium, with all the other fanatical Who fans listening to local radio broadcasting the event and showcasing their music right up until the time the gates opened… the next morning. We literally spent all night without a stitch of sleep in the parking lot at California Angel’s baseball stadium in Anaheim, California. Here’s a Super 8mm clip of some of the event from back in 76. It is also noteworthy that drummer Kieth Moon, who had passed out on the 1st gig of the tour, performed that night, but it was to be his last tour before his accidental death which occurred before the tours end.

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 9.02.37 PM

Today, or rather on June 10th, The Who  will release the film from their celebrated 40th anniversary of their acclaimed 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia which captures their final performance of a world tour in which they played the album in its entirety with a few updates…. On this last appearance of the tour they played London’s Wembley Arena to commemorate the occasion.

Watch here a clip from the film

In 2011, the group remastered Quadrophenia in the “Director’s Cut” At the time, Roger Daltrey claimed his vocals were too low in the orignial mix. In this remastered edition you can distinctly hear his vocals standout in the mix. Check out the remastered verion of “Love Reign O’er Me


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