Noosa – Walk On By

It was during a visit to Noosa, Australia that Noosa (the band) was formed by Sky Barbarick’ (from NYC) was inspired to take on the roll of storyteller and write her first song. “It sort of just clicked in that one moment, in that one little town. There must have been some sort of soul awakening magic in those raindrops. I could see my life coming together in a way I pictured, but never deemed possible. Fantasy seemed tangible and I just knew that songwriting would be my way of translating my spirit to the world. It’s like nature and humanity was handing me the key to myself,” says Noosa about her pilgrimage to the art of songwriting. Noosa’s style is informed by lifelong expression as a fine artist. “I don’t just hear the music, I see it, and compose as though I’m painting a canvas.”

“Each person’s life is their own fantasy. You can make it up as you go along, however you like. I’m creating a window into my own. I like taking people to a places they’ve never been before.”

Stream “Walk On By” below off the Wonderland (full LP stream)  out May 20th, 2014


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