Wes Carr – ANTHEM (Video)

Wes Carr formerly under the moniker Buffalo Tales, returns under his own name in a “rebirth” of his music with the new single and video for “ANTHEM”. His single/video is symbolic of this new start for Wes’ career as a singer/songwriter.

“I wanted to write a song about being in the moment, it’s so easy to say but so hard to do,” Wes says of the new single. “People these days are living so fast trying to keep up with all the demands of everyday existence. It’s insane. But what is it that makes you really come alive? We need to start celebrating ourselves more, we have the capability to do anything, we are all trying to make this life the best it can possibly be by expanding ourselves and challenging ourselves. I wanted to write a song that harnessed this intention. No matter how lost you might feel, just know that you aren’t as lost as you think you are. You can be anything. Just be clear with what you want.”

This new rebirth in his career comes with the singer giving up the old locks of hair for a fresh new look. You could say this was a “one take” kinda video with Wes losing his Buffalo Tales long locks in the video above.


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