Aussie Take Away Show Comes to the City of Roses: Portlandia!

Sometime during MFNW, we heard through the local radio that Shoot The Player was in town and we were wondering how on earth? We have been following their creative out takes in various Sydney locations for a couple of years now and have never heard of them doing anything outside of the country until now, and Portland now kiddin? We were anxiously awaiting what they were up to here in the Rose City and now we are bringing it to you, A Tender Forever exclusive in a Rose Garden, how appropriate.. and look the sun is shining.. (big time commerical) .. never believe what you see in ads folks!!

Check out this amazing solo performance by Portland’s Tender Forever below and then see the entire set shot with the assistance of Emily Richmond, a part time filmmaker and full time adventurer from LA who flew up to Portland and together they shot another Portland band (soon to be revealed here at YATM) and Tender Forever.

STP loved Portland’s laid back creative air, calling it infectious- and that it is!

Tender Forever – Take It Off


Shoot The Player


The Black Lips @ Scion Garage Rock Fest


The Black Lips were one of the sought after shows at this year’s Scion Garage Fest in Portland Oregon. Musically they were a very tight unit and they were playing to a thirsty crowd who were lapping it up and moshing and surfing as hard and rowdy as they had for previous acts. The band also had a big “under age” group of fans as this was an all ages event and they were well represented for the Black Lips show.

We left while the band was in full swing so we could grab some good seats for the King Khan and BBQ Show across the road. Unfortunately in these type of festivals you have to make some hard choices and sometimes they are not always the best ones but we feel that we did right – the festival gods were with us. (see King Khan review)

BL4All photos courtesy of Vix @ YATM

The Black Lips – Short Fuse

The Black Lips – It Feels Alright

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The Spits @ Scion Garage Rock Fest


The Spits hail from Seattle Washington’s punk rock scene. They have been around for a decade and have been consistently putting out solid punk rock albums. The band is said to be on par with the Black Lips and King Khan as far as their musical appeal and abilities. They have been known to play in costumes and this night was no excception. As you can see from the photos they could be playing your next Halloween Party. This band plays hard and delivers some outrageous stage performances.
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The Spits have been described as “a mix of The Ramones’ simplicity and cartoonish tough guy images, today’s lo-fi garage punk sounds and the radiator punk weirdness of classic groups like The Screamers or Devo to create a sound that has made for a string of great albums and sloppy yet amazing live shows.”

We couldn’t have said it better. It was like watching Fred Flintstone sing while his cartoonish mates played along and they were really rocking the venue at Berbati’s. It was insane down in the front of the stage! It was impossible to duck into the middle of it to grab a few close up shots for the blog without risking life and limb! Good on you Vix for those photos!


The Spits-Tonight

The Spits-Schools Out

Love Those Darlins Live @ Scion Garage Fest


We have to admit, if it weren’t for fact that the venue schedule was screwed up in a major way, like at least an hour behind, we would have missed Those Darlins perform at the Someday Lounge. We had arranged to see the Brimstone Howl perform but instead Those Darlins filled the time slot, but what a nice surprise INdeed!. Previewing the various bands before the show, we felt Those Darlins were a bit too country for our tastes. But we were dead wrong. In many cases, as we have found covering bands, the live act brings out an entire different dimension to the “entertainment” value of their music. In the case of Those Darlins, they put out, it was an incredibly awesome performance.

All Photos courtesy of Vix @ YATM

The girls just let loose from the start of the set and the place went wild. They ended up their set with a couple of songs that found the girls jumping into the audience and singing, dancing, and drinking beer with the fans… how’s that for audience engagement hey? Afterwords, we found time to visit them after down at the merch table and thank them for such a great set.


All Photos courtesy of Vix @ YATM



Those Darlins-Wild One

official site

The Brimstone Howl Live @ Scion Garage Fest 09


When the Brimstone Howl came on after Those Darlins they had quite the act to follow. We were really enamored with Those Darlins but The Brimstone Howl wasted no time making a big impression on us. They, as one media person next to us shouted, were “frantic” and played the guitars like men possessed. We really liked the bluesy vocals and accompanying guitar riffs. The final song was huge. The lead singer jumped on the floor in front of the stage, opened his arms in a crucifixion-like pose head to one side while the lead guitarist (who seemed just slightly, read as quite a lot heavier… no offence mate) jumped on his shoulders and then they proceeded to parade around in the audience playing the guitar, it was an awesome finish to a great set. Look for them in future posts. But check out the two songs below and jump on board with this Omaha Nebraska sensation!

Look for their new album out Nov 24th, titled Big Deal…. What Has He Done for Me Lately?



The Boys (one on top of the other) went parading through the crowd, rocking it up !!

All Photos courtesy of Vix @ YATM

Brimstone Howl – Suicide Blues


King Khan & BBQ Live @ The Scion Garage Fest!

Live at Scion Garage Fest

Live at Scion Garage Fest

After watching several great acts at various venues throughout the day at the Scion Garage Fest in Portland Oregon last week, we were treated to the “topper” of the festival (although Roky Erikson was the headliner for the Festival) King Khan @ BBQ. We at YATM, have been waiting for this opportunity to see and hear King Khan and tonight was the night. As well, we had a bird’s eye view up in a small balcony of this well known smaller venue, Dante’s, for his performance.

We started following King Khan after his “rooftop” performance for Pitchfork was posted a little over a year ago. It was a 6 song set up on top of a Brooklyn NY rooftop and he was as outrageous as ever! (see below)

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As expected, they came out in costume, King Khan with his wild shimmering blue mini skirted outfit with matching sparkling wig and some very wild spiraled specs with his sidekick (literally aka kick drummer) BBQ outfitted in red turban, sash, and cape. From the minute they hit the stage, the crowd went ape shit! As you can see from our photos, King Khan strutted his stuff, shook his mini skirted ass, batted his eyelids at us, prancing across the stage as he delivered a barrage of King Khan-istic blast of Garage Rock. How do you describe this guy? Even though it was a small venue of about 200 or so, the floor dynamics looked more like a few thousand with the crowd moving as one from one side of the venue to the other (as in an arena rock fest). It looked phenomenal from our vantage point but I’m sure that the crowd felt the effects of being driven over by a truck the next day!

The Sultan (Mark Sultan aka BBQ) sat for the majority of the set behind his drums, barefooted, a tambourine taped to the foot petal which played every time he hit the drum. As much King Khan is the showman, BBQ, is just as amazing with a voice that he can belt out with great force which is equally as stunning as King Khan’s showmanship. We were blown away by his vocals!

They played for a solid hour and a half with no break between songs, it was full on. However, it did appear that King Khan looked a bit tired and seemed like he held back toward the end of the set but to his credit, he played a damn good set. Perhaps with all the crowd and the stage lights the effects of wearing the wig the entire set, no doubt he was steaming hot!

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King Khan & BBQ – treat me like a dog

All photos courtesy of Vix at YATM

Official Scion Garage Fest site

The Bronx Debut New Vid “Inveigh”

THE BRONX just released their video for the single, “INVEIGH”, and recently performed at the MFNW here in Portland at the Nike Sportswear sessions. YATM covered the gig (See Photos).

The Bronx-Inveigh


The Bronx- MFNW 09

The Bronx- MFNW 09

the bronx ...

el mariachi2

the bronx

el mariach3

el mariachi

Mariachi El Bronx-Cell Mates


New Unreleased Nirvana

nirvana poster

Nirvana – Scoff (Live At Pine Street Theatre Portland, Oregon 1990)

Sub Pop, from Seattle, is releasing a new unreleased song from the live set at the Portland gig. Additionally, they will combine this with a remastered Bleach album:

Bleach 2009:

01 “Blew”
02 “Floyd the Barber”
03 “About a Girl”
04 “School”
05 “Love Buzz”
06 “Paper Cuts”
07 “Negative Creep”
08 “Scoff”
09 “Swap Meet”
10 “Mr. Moustache”
11 “Sifting”
12 “Big Cheese”
13 “Downer”

Live at Pine Street Theatre:

14 “Intro”
15 “School”
16 “Floyd the Barber”
17 “Dive”
18 “Love Buzz”
19 “Spank Thru”
20 “Molly’s Lips”
21 “Sappy”
22 “Scoff”
23 “About a Girl”
24 “Been a Son”
25 “Blew”

Bleach (Deluxe) is out 11/3 via Sub Pop.