Patrick Park “Dust and Mud”

LA singer-songwriter Patrick Park shared with American Songwriter “Dust and Mud” from his new LP Love Like Swords, out April 22.
Speaking to Songwriter, Patrick:“This is one of my favorite songs on the new record, and one of my favorite songs to play live,” Park says. “I like playing it because every time I do it’s like a little reminder for me to just let shit go. I remember I was driving around Los Angeles one day, and (this is not uncommon), I watched these two guys get out of their cars and start screaming at each other. There was no accident or contact between their cars or anything, but they obviously both perceived that some injustice had been wrought against them by the other. I was watching this and it just kind of hit me that their anger and frustration toward one another, actually had absolutely nothing to do the situation they were in, or with each other.”


Michael Franti Shares New Track “11:59″

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 11.32.20 PM

11:59 track is from Michael Franti & Spearhead’s album “All People” and this video is a cut showing the live concert experience of their shows. Non-stop party for the people! Known to be one of the most exciting performers in the world, pulling together conscious messaging within a party/dance atmosphere is what the band and show is about! 11:59 speaks to  the last minute of your life, the world, the environment…what is your 11:59:59 and what will you do with it?

Stay tuned for the 11:59 single and the official music video and feature film.